Parking Garages

Proper cleaning and maintenance of parking structures extends the life of the structure and makes for a safer environment for patrons and vehicles.
Proper cleaning of parking surfaces removes dirt, dust and debris as well as road salts, gasoline, oils and other fluids that may leak from vehicles. If left unaddressed, these chemicals can potentially leach into parking deck surfaces and cause damage.
Sealing and Waterproof Coating
To further protect parking decks, regular sealing will help concrete resist staining and corrosion from auto and truck chemicals. Proper application of waterproof coatings will also protect surfaces from potential damage caused by water and the freeze/thaw cycle.
Well planned and maintained striping allows for maximizing the space of parking areas as well as making the space safer and easier to navigate for patrons.
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Garage Surface Cleaning/Striping
Garage Surface Cleaning/Striping
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